Email Signature Design

We create signature designs for email in form of images or HTML code

Send emails with a personalized signature based on your business’s visual identity and brand.

We create static email signature designs in PNG or JPG image format, as well as signature designs in HTML format that can include links.

Portfolio of Email Signature Designs

Below we have displayed some design models created for our clients.

Design templates for an email signature

We help you figure out what email signature format suits you

When creating an email signature design, we have the possibility to create two different formats: static/image signatures and HTML signatures. Both can be used in most email applications but have different functionalities.

Static/Image email signature format

This email signature format is represented by an image file in PNG or JPG format. This image will contain a customized design with all the information about the company and the person whose signature it is.

The main benefit of this format is the freedom to create the design, offering extended possibilities for customization.

HTML email signature format

This email signature format is represented by HTML code that can be used as a signature.

The benefits of an HTML email signature are:
– signature information can be easily copied;
– more links can be included (to websites, social media, articles, etc.);
– multiple images can be used to illustrate or highlight certain sections of the signature;
– it can be easily attached to the email address signature, as almost every application has the ability to upload an HTML file to be used as a signature.

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