Terms and Conditions

Based on which a collaboration will take place on


Brand Creators is owned and operated by Design a Lot SRL, with tax identification number 36470402.

The terms and conditions on this page apply to the sale of all products and services on the brandcreators.ro website.

The seller is Design a Lot SRL-D with headquarters at 31G Cameliei Street, Dumbrăveni Village, Balotești Commune, Ilfov County, Romania, VAT number 36470402, J23 / 3912/2019 – through the brandcreators.ro website, mentioned hereinafter as: the seller, Brand Creators, we, ours, us.

The buyer is the natural or legal person who has placed an order for one or more of our products and services, and will be referred to hereinafter as: buyer, client, you.

Brand Creators offers the following products and services: logo design, graphic design, website creation, marketing, and advertising.

The seller assumes the following rights and obligations:

  • the right to modify the website and the terms and conditions page without prior notice to the buyer
  • the right to select its own clients and projects to work on
  • the obligation to fulfill an order, from the moment the contract has been completed and signed by both parties, the advance has been paid by the buyer, and the order does not deviate from the options offered in the product or service package ordered

The client assumes the following rights and obligations:

  • the obligation to provide correct information necessary for fulfilling the order
  • the obligation to provide correct and complete billing details necessary for the issuance of an invoice for the products and services provided by the seller
  • the right to cancel an order before signing the contract and payment of the advance, without any additional costs
  • the obligation to pay for the services ordered

We work with three billing and payment methods, as follows:

  • 100% advance payment where the project value is paid in full at the signing of the contract, before starting the project development. This payment method is generally used for small projects, with a value equal to or less than €199.
  • 50/50 payment where 50% of the project value is paid at the signing of the contract and the remaining 50% will be paid upon completion of the project. This payment method is generally used for logo design or medium-sized projects with a value generally ranging between €200 and €499 RON.
  • 50/25/25 payment where 50% of the project value is paid at the signing of the contract, 25% will be paid 30 days after signing the contract, and the remaining 25% will be paid upon completion of the project. This payment method is addressed to large projects, with a value of over €500.

If we do not receive a response from you within 10 days, the project/order is considered completed, and the invoice for the remainder of the amount will be issued.

Payments are accepted by bank transfer. For unpaid invoices, we will use credit recovery companies.

If both parties agree to terminate the project before completion, after the order has been confirmed and the contract has been signed, the advance payment made by the client is non-refundable. See the return policy for more details!

We make every effort to meet the requirements of our customers! The customer and the seller must cooperate and work together to achieve a final result that satisfies the customer. Exception: if the seller does not receive feedback or a response from the customer within 10 days, the order will be considered closed.

According to the placed order, the customer will initially receive a fixed number of logo mockups, defined by the chosen product or service package. Logo mockups or additional products and services beyond the initial order will be charged separately. Major changes to the specifications from those sent in the initial order may be interpreted as a new order, depending on their complexity and deviation from those confirmed with the order. In this case, you will be informed before continuing and you reserve the right to accept or refuse the continuation of this change.

If additional modifications are required after the project has been completed, they will be charged separately.

Because our products and services fall under the category of “products made to consumer specifications or personalized products, as well as those which, by their nature, cannot be returned or may perish or deteriorate rapidly” according to law OG 130/2000, Article 10, letter c), Brand Creators does not accept returns, and payments made in advance will not be refunded once the project has started.

Intellectual property rights belong entirely to the seller until the project is completed and the buyer has fully paid their invoice. After completion of the project, we reserve the right to use the final result for advertising purposes on our website, social media platforms, and other advertising channels if no other conditions have been agreed upon by the seller and the buyer!

Brand Creators will retain the copyright and intellectual property rights for all sketches, mockups, and revisions submitted during project development, except for the final result, which will belong to the buyer after full payment has been made.

If the buyer wishes to transfer the intellectual property rights to a third party, the same conditions will apply to the third party who has acquired the rights.

For more information on intellectual property rights, please refer to Law no. 8/1996.