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We are experts in developing logos and visual identities that represent each business individually

Our mission is to work with small and medium-sized businesses on developing personalized and representative visual identities. We create logos, emblems, and visual identity manuals that will help you interact with your audience.

We have designers with over 13 years of experience in developing visual identities for companies from all over the world, ready to provide full attention to each project.


We have successfully worked with businesses from many industries

Logo design and visual identity portfolio

Since starting operations in Romania in 2017, we have played an important role in defining and creating logos and visual identities for many small and medium-sized companies that are very interesting. We have found solutions for businesses in almost every industry, many of which are included in our portfolio. Below you will find the recently added projects.

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Logo Design and Visual Identity Packages

Only a logo or a complete visual identity

Whether you’re just starting a side business and only need a logo, or you want to rebrand an existing company and need a complete visual identity, our packages are designed to cover it all. They can be adapted to the needs of each business, and the price offer is defined from the beginning once all project details are known.

Basic Package

Perfect for a side business, hobby project or professionals who want to create a logo before making major investments. The Basic Package is designed for quick delivery with a low budget, being the starting price option.


Startup Package

Designed for startups, newly established businesses or those ready for a rebranding. The Startup Package includes the needed elements to create the foundation of a business’ visual identity.


Identity Package

This package is designed for businesses, startups, or professionals who have a well-defined plan and are willing to invest in the development of a complete visual identity that represents their vision, mission, and values.


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Definitions of the elements presented in logo design packages

Together, we discover every design element

Logo design concepts

Also mentioned as models / proposals

For each logo design and visual identity project, several logo design concepts are prepared.

The logo design concepts are developed in the first part of the project, representing the first logo models that we develop based on the brief and discussions held.

Based on these initial concepts, modifications will be made in order to reach a representative final design version.


Logo design revisions

More exactly, sets of revisions

The difference between logo design concepts and modifications is that with concepts, new models are created based on the initial brief, while with modifications, work is done on the concepts already created in the first series based on the feedback received.

Modifications can be made to text, colors, arrangement, and even adjustments to symbols already created, if necessary, so that the final logo represents your business as best as possible.

Files for your final logo

What they are & what they are used for

We would like to explain a little about the files of a final logo, as mentioned in our packages. First of all, these refer to the files that will help you use your logo both online and offline. The files are prepared upon completion of a project when a final logo version has been decided and confirmed.

At the end of a project, you will receive the logo in multiple versions and file formats. You will receive the following:

The file formats of the final logo that you will receive are:


Social media logo format

What is it exactly?

Creating a social media logo refers specifically to preparing the logo in a format that can be used as a profile picture on social media platforms. These files are prepared in such a way that the logo is in the perfect visual position, avoiding cutting elements or being off-center.

Profile pictures on social media platforms are the most visible elements of a page and are implemented wherever your page appears. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the image used is correctly placed and expresses professionalism.

Social media cover design

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

By using a custom social media cover design you can personalize your social media pages to represent your company.

We ensure that the design of the cover is not only consistent with your business but also optimized for various devices.

It is inevitable that some elements of the cover may be cut off when the page is viewed on different devices. What is important is to construct the design so that key elements remain visible and your message is consistent, whether your profile is viewed on a smartphone or a PC.

Visual identity manual

Guide for using your visual identity


In a short logo guide, you will be able to find the colors and fonts present in your final logo. But with the help of a visual identity manual, you will learn how to use the logo further, how not to use it, how to build visual elements that represent continuity of your business identity, and other important instructions for a correct implementation.


Stationery design

Business cards and letterheads

When creating a design for the business cards and letterheads, the established visual identity style and rules from the final logo development will be followed.

The business cards will be delivered with details for one person, but files that can be modified with vector editing software (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw) can also be prepared.

The design for the letterhead will be delivered with company details and editable files can be requested, just like with the business cards.

Product/packaging design

Your product must look exemplary

Your business focuses on one or more products, and with the definition of a visual identity, you want your products to represent the new identity.

To achieve this, we will work on the development of product designs that can include packaging design, label design, box design or other similar elements.

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