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Together we can define a logo and visual identity that resonates with the target audience of your business

Our mission is to work with small and medium-sized businesses in developing personalized and representative visual identities. We create logos, emblems, and visual identity manuals that will help you interact with your audience.

The start of your project is just a few clicks away! Consult and choose one of our logo design packages, then fill out the online order form to send us the information we need to get started on your project.


Projects carried out for businesses in multiple fields of activity

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Încă de la începerea activității în România, în anul 2017, am jucat un rol important în definirea și realizarea logo-urilor și identităților vizuale pentru multe companii mici și mijlocii foarte interesante. Am găsit soluții pentru business-uri din (aproape) orice domeniu de activitate, multe dintre ele fiind incluse în portofoliul nostru. Mai jos găsești proiectele adăugate recent.

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Prices and service packages for logo design and visual identity

A logo or a complete visual identity package?

The logo design packages were designed to cover the basics of defining a visual identity for a starting business. Check out each package separately, compare it with your business needs and budget and choose the one that suits you. You can create your own personalized package in the order form by choosing the Basic Package and ticking the extra elements you want.



Taxes may apply!
The first concepts in 3-5 business days


Taxes may apply!
The first concepts in 3-5 business days


Taxes may apply!
The first concepts in 3-5 business days

How our collaboration will unfold

The steps taken from order placement to end of project

The first step to begin a collaboration together is to fill in the order form that will help us understand your project better. Here you will enter any relevant information for your business based on the points in the form.

After you fill out the form and submit your project details, we will contact you within approximately 24 hours to confirm it and finalize all the details, in case there was something unclear.

After all details have been clarified and determined, the contract will be sent for signing along with a proforma for the advance payment.

After the bureaucracy part, the creative process begins. Here, we will use all the information gathered during the briefing and discussions held up until this point, we will do research, brainstorming, and sketches, and from all of these, we will create the first proposals for logo design, solutions specially designed for your project.

Once we send you the first logo design proposals, we allocate time for you to analyze them and form an idea of the direction in which you want to continue. Then, we wait for your feedback and any requests for modifications to the proposals received, if necessary. We are here to answer your questions or clear up any confusion you may have. The number of feedback sessions and modifications differs from project to project. There may be projects that are finalized after the first logo proposals, or projects that may have several feedback sessions and modifications before reaching a final result.

When we have reached this point, it means we have arrived at a final logo design for your business, and now we are preparing the final files. Depending on the package or extra options you have ordered for your project, we will prepare both the logo files and the design of related elements, which will be sent in a well-structured final package.

Order form for logo design and visual identity projects

Complete the online order form

For any project, a brief is needed, consisting of vital information that will help us to think of suitable solutions for each business. Our goal is to create customized logos and visual identities that are representative and resonate with the target audience of each company. That is why we have designed this order form which will help us gather the necessary information to create the appropriate solutions for each project.


What the elements present in logo design packages represent

We define the terms and clarify each element

If you were misled by the terms in the logo design packages or the extra options in the briefing form, I have detailed them below, one by one. This way, you can make the most calculated decision regarding the package you want to order.

Logo design concepts

Mentioned also as proposals/concepts

For every logo design project and visual identity, several logo design proposals are prepared. The number of proposals is defined by the package and extra options chosen in the briefing/order form.

The logo design proposals are developed in the first part of the project, representing the initial logo models that we develop based on the brief and discussions held. Based on these proposals, modifications will be made, and we will work until we reach a final design version.


Logo design revisions

Explained and clarified

The difference between logo design proposals and modifications is that proposals create new concepts based on the initial brief, while modifications work on the concepts already created, based on received feedback.

Here, modifications can be made to text, colors, arrangement, and the adjustment of previously created symbols, if necessary, so that the final logo represents your business as best as possible. The allowed number of modifications is determined by the package and extra options chosen when placing an order.

The files of a final logo

What they are & what they are used for

We would like to explain a little about the files of a final logo, as mentioned in our packages. First of all, these refer to the files that will help you use your logo both online and offline. The files are prepared upon completion of a project when a final logo version has been decided and confirmed.

At the end of a project, you will receive the logo in multiple versions and file formats. You will receive the following:

The file formats of the final logo that you will receive are:


Short logo guide

The details included in this

The short logo guide file is a brief description of the final logo and includes the following information:

This file is print-ready and can be sent directly to the printing company, from which the vector logo can be extracted, as well as the color codes that can be used further. This helps in the correct implementation of your company’s visual identity and gives it a professional image.


Social media logo format

What is it exactly?

Creating a social media logo refers specifically to preparing the logo in a format that can be used as a profile picture on social media platforms. These files are prepared in such a way that the logo is in the perfect visual position, avoiding cutting elements or being off-center.

Profile pictures on social media platforms are the most visible elements of a page and are implemented wherever your page appears. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the image used is correctly placed and expresses professionalism.

Social media cover design

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

By using a custom social media cover design you can personalize your social media pages to represent your company.

We ensure that the design of the cover is not only consistent with your business but also optimized for various devices.

It is inevitable that some elements of the cover may be cut off when the page is viewed on different devices. What is important is to construct the design so that key elements remain visible and your message is consistent, whether your profile is viewed on a smartphone or a PC.

Visual identity manual

Guide for using your visual identity


In a short logo guide, you will be able to find the colors and fonts present in your final logo. But with the help of a visual identity manual, you will learn how to use the logo further, how not to use it, how to build visual elements that represent continuity of your business identity, and other important instructions for a correct implementation.


Stationery design

Business cards and letterheads

When creating a design for the business cards and letterheads, the established visual identity style and rules from the final logo development will be followed.

The business cards will be delivered with details for one person, but files that can be modified with vector editing software (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw) can also be prepared. For an extra cost, files with details for all necessary people can be prepared.

The design for the letterhead will be delivered with company details and editable files can be requested, just like with the business cards.

Wallpaper design

For the company's office computers

A customized wallpaper is a pleasant way to brand the computers in your business office. It is an element that helps to establish visual identity.

The wallpaper can also be used as a screensaver on all the TVs and devices in the company headquarters, so that the logo can be visible whenever they are not in use.


Files backup

If you can't find them, we have them!

Finding the files you need is becoming increasingly difficult, so we want to make sure that at least for your business’s visual identity, you know where to find them! That’s why we will always have a backup of the final files we prepared for you. When you need them, just send us an email and we’ll solve it.

If the package you chose doesn’t include file backup or the included period has already expired, it doesn’t mean that we will delete them. No, it simply means that there will be an additional cost that needs to be paid in order to receive the necessary files.

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