GV Pack

Project for developing visual identity, building a presentation website and graphic elements for a thermoformed packaging manufacturer.

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For the “GVPack” project, we’ve had the pleasure of working on defining a visual identity that best represents the company and its activities. In the first phase, we worked on defining the following elements: logo design, brief guide to the logo, business card and letterhead design, social media profile pictures and wallpapers.

After defining these, we continued to work on: HTML signature design, flyer design, rollup design and website development.

The website development part included creating a multilingual presentation website that presented the company, its products, and the technologies used.

The final website has a custom design that uses elements from the defined visual identity, is optimized for fast loading and OnPage SEO, and has a responsive design that adapts to the device it’s accessed from.

To explore the website, you can click on the following preview.

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Up above are the presentations for the flyer design and the roll-up design, while down below is the email signature design in HTML format.


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