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We present a project for creating a logo design and developing a presentation website for a business that offers translation services and online courses.

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For this project, we worked on a logo designto define the client’s visual identity – and on creating a presentation websiteto establish an online business headquarters – through which the client can interact with the target audience.

The mission of the project was to create a simple, minimalist, text-based logo, as can be seen in the final result. To refer to one of the main services the client offers – translations – the Russian translation of the word “Dialect” was introduced into the logo, this being one of the languages ​​the services are focused on.


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In developing the website, our mission was to create a simple and professional one that represents a continuation of the defined visual identity. We accomplished this by creating a unique and personalized design that follows the graphic style of the visual identity, using colors present in the final logo and a suitable font family.

The final website is fast, informative, and easy to use, adaptable for any device, and an important tool for our client to reach their target audience.

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