Disia Couture

Visual Identity Development Project for a fashion industry business, a women's clothing manufacturer with a focus on elegant dresses. The project included the creation of logo design and a brief logo guide.

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Disia Couture is a fashion business specialized in creating elegant dresses for special events. The brand identity focuses on the sophisticated and elegant appearance of its products.

The name “Disia” is represented in a hand-script font that suggests the unique personality of each dress. Below the name, the text “COUTURE” is written in a modern, simple, and elegant font to match the luxurious aesthetic of the brand. This implies that each piece is crafted with extraordinary attention to detail and the highest quality materials.

Overall, the creation of the Disia Couture visual identity aimed to represent the superior quality, elegance, and refinement, the main characteristics of the brand.


For this project, a short logo guide was created, a file that includes details about the final logo, such as the logo colors in CMYK, RGB, HEX, and Pantone (PMS) variations.

Utilizing the elements from this brief guide aids in the development of new branding elements that will provide continuity in visual identity. This continuity helps ensure a proper implementation of the visual identity.


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