Rabel Fast Food

Project to develop a visual identity for a fast food and pizzeria.

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The Rahel Fast Food project consisted of creating a logo and associated branding elements necessary for the business, such as the design of the pizza box and the menu board to be displayed on location.

The goal was to develop a visual identity that expressed the business activity and resonated with a broad audience, especially young people, as the main location was located near a high school.

The final logo came in two variations, one as an emblem where more information could be included, and one as a text type to be used in spaces where the emblem type would not function correctly.

In terms of colors, we went for a combination that fits the type of activity, yellow and red. This color palette represents the descriptive combination of fast food, namely french fries with ketchup. Having the initial A in the logo formed from 3 french fries strengthens the connection between the color palette and the domain, resulting in a well-defined visual identity.


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