Bonnier Rights

For Bonnier Rights client, one of the largest literary agencies in Sweden, we had the pleasure of developing several design elements. From invitations to book and author presentations. All of them are showcased on this dedicated client page.

In our collaboration with Bonnier Rights, we have had the pleasure of developing a variety of design materials including book presentations, author presentations, book teasers, invitations, and more.

Among these is the presentation of the book series titled “The Simone Boman Series”, found in the picture above. This series comprises of 4 family noir literary books, each published every 18 months.

The aim of this graphic material was to create an artistic presentation of the entire book series, with a description of the story and brief summaries for each individual book.

The client was very satisfied with the developed materials, leading to a series of collaborations, presented further on this page…

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After the thrilling presentation of “The Simone Boman Series,” we had the opportunity to apply our creativity and develop an invitation design and teaser for an extraordinary book launch. The latest literary gem is named “Gospel of Eels” and is authored by the talented Patrik Svensson, who amazingly appears on the invitation design.

In the intriguing teaser, we included a fascinating bio of the author, a captivating editorial note, and even the first chapter of the book to pique readers’ curiosity. We wanted to convey the authenticity and essence of the story through graphic materials extracted from the final pages of the book.

We are excited to present this invitation design and teaser, which combines professionalism with a friendly, relaxed approach. We have strived to create a captivating and innovative design that celebrates the launch of this remarkable literary work.


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In addition, we had the opportunity to prepare an engaging presentation for the talented author, Lina Wolff. In this presentation, we included a diverse range of information, such as relevant biographical data, remarkable awards and nominations, presentations of the author’s written works, complimentary quotes from the press about her literary works, and significant details.

We wanted this presentation to offer a complete and captivating overview of Lina Wolff’s personality and achievements, combining professionalism with a friendly and relaxed attitude. We strove to highlight the authenticity and importance of her literary work through this design material.

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