Classified and Co

A fashion industry company that specializes in creating clothing items. For this project, we focused on creating a logo design.

The development of this project required the development of a visual identity that would reach a young audience and represent the company and its activities. Classified and Co produces high-quality, casual and modern clothing items aimed at a young audience.

These aspects were desired to be presented in the final logo as well, so that the visual identity would resonate with the target audience and express the company’s vision and values. To achieve this result, an initial-type symbol was created with a crown added to represent quality, seriousness and exclusivity.

The main colors used were gray and yellow/gold, the perfect complement to the final logo to achieve the desired results.

Due to the simplicity of the final logo, it can be used in promotional materials and branding such as labels, embroidery on clothing items, engraving or 3D display.

Furthermore, we have developed some mockups with the final logo placed in different environments related to the field of activity that could best represent and demonstrate how the logo would look in a real environment.


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