Dr. Robert Apostolescu

Project for developing a visual identity for an orthopedic doctor specialized in hip and knee joint replacement.

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In the visual identity development project for Dr. Robert Apostolescu, the main goal was to highlight his activity and super-specialization. To do this, we went for creating an initial logo, and in these letters were integrated in a cursive way the two joints that are the focus of the activity: hip and knee.

The result is clear, simplistic, and minimalist, with the final logo being formed by the distinctive symbol to which the full name was added.

The chosen colors were already used by the client on their site, which perfectly matched the defined visual identity and helped to further highlight the fact that the main activity is in the medical field.


In addition to the logo design creation aspect, a short logo guide was also created for this project. This file includes details about the final logo, such as: font names used and logo colors in CMYK, RGB, HEX, and Pantone (PMS) variations.

Using the elements from this short guide helps in developing new branding elements that will provide uniformity and continuity in visual identity. This continuity helps in the correct implementation of the visual identity and helps the brand become memorable and easily recognizable.


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For this project, I also worked on developing social media design elements such as social media profile pictures and Facebook cover design, as well as creating an HTML email signature. All of these elements were created using the existing visual identity guidelines and represent a continuation of it.


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