Gemelli G89

A project for visual identity development and related branding materials for a restaurant and pizzeria.

The development of the Gemelli® project started with a visual identity development package that included the creation of a logo, business card and letterhead design, a short logo guide, social media profile pictures, and wallpaper. This initiated a long-term collaboration that led to the creation of a variety of graphic elements that defined the initial visual identity.

Some of the created elements will be showcased on this presentation page for the Gemelli® visual identity development project. But first, we present the final design of the business cards and letterhead in the adjacent image.


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One of the projects that followed the definition of the visual identity was the creation of advertising posters to be displayed in bus stations.

The first poster, shown in the previous image, aimed to promote the slogan “5-star Pizza” along with the phone number where orders can be placed, and to form a connection between the two.

A second poster was created in the same style, but the message was slightly modified to serve a new purpose – promoting that “5-star Pizza” could now be ordered online from the client’s website.

The color palette defined in the visual identity was used in the development of these posters, with black as the background and white with yellow in the text to provide a strong contrast. Along with these elements, a picture of a pizza was added to deliver the message quickly and clearly as to what the posters were promoting.


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At the client’s request, a secondary logo was developed to highlight the brand name already registered with OSIM. The secondary logo was developed as a continuity of the already developed visual identity, using the same color palette and font family. Its purpose was to be used as a lighting signal at locations, placed on cars and advertising materials, and even used concurrently with the main logo.


Below we will present various design elements developed over time, where both logos can be observed, sometimes even together. We have worked to consistently and uniformly showcase the visual identity across all these elements, using the colors, font families, and styles that have already been defined.

The design elements will be presented individually alongside their names, as follows.

Tri-fold brochure design


2018 calendar design


Advertising flyer designs


Menu casings design


Smart menu poster design


Product poster designs


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