For GravoLAB client, a mold manufacturer in the thermoforming industry, we have developed a variety of graphic materials and a website until now. These include: logo vectorization, business card and letterhead design, rollup banners, development of a presentation website, catalog design, and others.

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As a well-established company with an existing visual identity, we had the pleasure of working on developing graphic elements for GravoLAB that fit within the style and image of the company.

These include stationary design elements such as business cards, a trifold catalog design, and a letterhead design, all of which are showcased on this page.


We continue the presentation with several promotional articles serving different purposes. Among these articles, it’s worth mentioning:

  • A poster design aimed at promoting job opportunities and careers, to be promoted in the locality where the company is based.
  • An advertisement to be included in a trifold map of the Câmpulung, Argeș region.
  • An A4 advertisement that was featured in a thermoforming industry magazine, in which GravoLAB operates.

We had the opportunity to work on the development of a remarkable design for the packaging of the company’s personalized t-shirts with the aim of turning them into special gifts.

We created an attractive design for the boxes in which the t-shirts will be packaged. Then, we designed the bags that will be offered as gifts during exhibitions. We maintained a consistent graphic style using graphic elements initially developed for the company’s catalog.

These are not just simple packaging but become valuable tools during the exhibitions that the client participates in. The client offers these products for free during exhibitions to promote their products and services.

Through these personalized designs, the goal is to attract the attention of the public and emphasize the quality and professionalism offered by the company.


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In addition to the design elements that help promote the company during exhibitions (and not only), we also worked on creating the design for the exhibition stand. Specifically, we took care of the roll-up banner design that was displayed on the walls of the stand, created in the company’s graphic style and presenting its products.


In conclusion, we are pleased to present the redesign project for GravoLAB’s website. The purpose of the website update was to modernize the design and update the information on the company’s services, products, and activities.

The site was initially created in English and then translated into two additional languages – German and Russian – in order to make it more accessible to the company’s clients and target audience.


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