Manor Hotel

Visual identity developed for a newly built hotel on the Black Sea shore, in Romania.

The development of the Manor Hotel project was of large proportions, the first step being the brand naming. This process represented a research and brainstorming session, in order to find several name variants that would fit the hotel. The final name chosen by the client was Manor, designed as a combination of the hotel’s location, providing accommodation in Mamaia Nord. The next step was creating the hotel’s logo and visual identity. After creating several logo proposals and adjusting the layouts, we arrived at this final version. The Manor logo is a monogram, with the initial stylized in a unique way. The style adopted is modern, elegant and simplistic, making it easy to display the logo in any physical form.


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Realistic presentations – mockups – are representations of the logo in a real environment. In this case, the logo is displayed at the hotel entrance in a metallic form. These presentations help us get an idea of how the logo will look and what impact it will have when displayed in the offline environment. The final photos can also be used as wallpapers.

For the logo design, Manor client opted for the Business package. In addition to creating a logo and the above wallpaper, the client also chose to create the design for business cards, letterheads, a brief logo guide, and profile pictures with the final logo, optimized for social media.

The business cards and letterhead have a minimalist design, using the symbol as a branding and styling element.


For this project, a short logo guide was also created, which includes details about the final logo, such as: the names of the fonts used and the colors of the logo in CMYK, RGB, HEX, and Pantone (PMS) versions.

Using the elements from this short guide helps in the development of new branding elements that will offer continuity in visual identity. This continuity helps in a correct implementation of the visual identity and helps the brand to establish and become memorable and easily recognizable.


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After defining the brand name and visual identity of Manor Hotel, the next step was to create a presentation website. Its purpose is to present the hotel and its services, as well as to showcase the location and the surrounding area. For the creation of this website, a modern and elegant design was used, dominated by large-sized photos that emphasize the hotel and its location. Unique and personalized pages were created for each purpose. The website design is responsive, adaptable to any device, be it a computer/laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Throughout the development of the Manor project, several graphic elements were created, including the design for access card holders used by the hotel’s clients and an HTML email signature for their email addresses.

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