Visual identity development for a company that sells DIY articles.

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MiTkO is a company that sells DIY articles in its own store. For this project, I had the pleasure of offering logo design services, flyer design, and outdoor advertising design. The final logo is a mascot-type logo, with the symbol represented by a man dressed in overalls, wearing a protective helmet on his head, a tool belt with a screwdriver and a hammer attached to it, and holding a drill and another type of hammer in hand. Although the logo may seem very complex from the description, it is actually simplistic and minimalist, designed to be easy to remember and recognize, and easily reproducible on any necessary items.


Client MiTkO needed, apart from creating a logo, the design of a flyer and two outdoor advertisements.

The flyer was created to be used in the client’s store as well as for distribution with the purpose of promoting the business. When creating the design of this flyer, we used articles that the company sells, to which we added details about the company. These details are: contact information, store location, field of activity and the fact that the client’s products can be rented and even purchased in installments!


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The two outdoor advertisements were created to be displayed outside the store, with the purpose of making it visible and providing guidance towards it! The design of the advertisements was simple and minimalistic, keeping in line with the visual identity already created for MiTkO, providing details about the store and its products.


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