A visual identity development project for a telemarketing company, which included the following: logo design creation, business card and letterhead design, and other design elements.

In developing the Thinkviser project, our mission was to build a modern, unique, and serious visual identity that represents the company in its activity. We managed to achieve this by creating an adaptable logo design that can be used in two layouts: one wide and one with a tall/square layout. The purpose of these layouts is to be used in different situations to maximize the impact of the visual identity.

In the logo developmentbesides creating a unique symbol – the brand name was created with a custom-made font, specifically for this project.


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Once the Thinkviser logo development was completed, a variety of branding elements were developed aimed at implementing the visual identity and brand communication.

Among these elements are the design of business cards and letterheads. These were created using visual elements from the final logo, colors of visual identity, and fonts similar to the one created for the logo text.


For this project, a short logo guide has also been created. This file includes details about the final logo, such as the logo colors in CMYK, RGB, HEX, and Pantone (PMS) varieties.

Using the elements from this short guide helps in developing new branding elements that will provide consistency in visual identity. This consistency helps in the correct implementation of the visual identity.


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In addition to creating a logo, business card design, and letterhead, we’ve also worked on developing a presentation website to showcase the business and its services. The site was created as a continuation of the defined visual identity, using its modern style, colors, and defining visual elements.

The final website is fast, responsive to any type of device, and easy to use.

Below, you can see the visual identity applied to several branding elements developed for this brand, including: employee badges, signage, wallpaper, and a mug.


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