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Building a visual identity for your company that resonates with your target audience.

If you have landed on this page, you are most likely looking for logo design services for your business. Nowadays, options are more varied and numerous than ever before, and this has probably confused you so far. It’s hard to decide on a suitable option, but we have written this article specifically for this purpose: to help you find the right solution for you and your business in terms of logo design and branding. We will use our own packages and services as examples because we fully understand them and are able to recommend them. However, you can use the basic principles further in your research to choose visual identity services that resonate with you.

To better understand this article, let’s start by talking a little about the importance of a logo for a business. Is a logo necessary? What are its benefits and what should it represent? These are just a few of the points we will cover in this introduction.

The Importance of a Logo for a Business

Let’s start at the beginning: Do you need a logo for your business? The simple answer is: yes! Moreover, even if you haven’t created a logo with the help of an agency or a designer, you will soon have a logo. However, this will be the type of logo that can affect your business more than it can help. But to understand why, let’s define the composition of a logo and the elements it can be made of. In its simplest composition, a logo can be made of:

  • Text-based Logo Composition / Company Name – This type of logo is made up of text only, such as the company name or your brand name. Examples of such logos include Zara, NASA (text only), or IBM.
  • Symbol-based Logo Composition – This type of logo is represented by a single graphic element used alone, without text, company name, or other elements. Examples of such logos are Apple or the Nike symbol used alone.
  • Symbol and Text Logo Composition – This type of logo is composed of both the elements mentioned above, which can be used together or separately but together form the main logo of the company that uses it. This is probably the most common logo composition, with examples like Microsoft or Adidas.
  • Emblem Logo Composition – Here, we are talking about a combination of elements that form an emblem logo. It can be a composition of text elements, symbols, and abstract graphic elements, or it can be made up of text surrounded by other simple graphic elements. There are several examples of such logos, including IKEA, the NASA emblem, Starbucks where the text surrounds the famous symbol, Burger King, and the list goes on.

Logo composition made of text


Logo composition made of symbol


Logo composition of symbol and text


Composition of emblem logo type

This is a simple example of logo compositions, but they don’t stop there. Types of logos can be branched into even more categories, but we have limited ourselves to these in order to understand, in short, what can be considered a logo.

Returning to the previous idea, even if you didn’t call on a professional to create a logo or even if you didn’t create a logo directly for your business, you will surely end up with a logo indirectly. This will happen when you start to use the name of your company or business alone, in graphic elements. Whether it’s putting the name on a flyer, on the store window, or on business cards, that graphic element will become your first logo. The selected font, colors, thickness of the writing, or the way the company name is written will directly impact how your company’s image will be interpreted. As a result, you may end up with a logo without realizing it, and the choices made in writing the name will influence viewers’ perceptions of your business. As you start to use multiple styles in writing the name of your business, they will create a discordance in your business’s image, creating confusion among customers and making it difficult to remember or recognize.

In conclusion, your business will end up with a logo (or multiple logos), regardless of whether it was chosen by you or created indirectly. And this can either help or affect your business. But this can be quickly resolved by choosing to create a logo and handing this task over to professionals.

The choice to have a custom logo for your business brings multiple benefits, and the correct use of it exponentially increases results. But what are the benefits of a custom logo, created in line with your business? Well, let’s enumerate some of them:

  • Expressing the values and personality of the business in a few seconds.
  • Memorability among people who have interacted with your business.
  • Professionalism and seriousness.
  • Attractiveness for your target audience.
  • Offers a creative direction that will help you grow your business.
  • Increases the trust of your company for partners, clients, and potential customers.
  • Helps in promoting your business.
  • Matching the visual image and experience offered by your company to your clients can transform it from a simple business to a trusted brand.

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Logo Design and Visual Identity Packages

Now that we have defined the importance of a logo for your business, its benefits, and types of logos, it’s time to move on to the logo design and visual identity packages. These packages have been designed to provide solutions for any startup business as well as businesses ready for rebranding. We have divided our logo design services into three basic packages that can be tailored to the requirements and needs of each business.

The three packages are: Basic, Startup, and Identity. But before presenting the packages, we consider it necessary to detail some of the elements included in them. This way, you can better understand the packages and the elements you need to achieve your business goals.

The elements worth mentioning are:

  • Logo Templates – each package includes a certain number of logo templates. These templates represent unique and different logo concepts that will be created for each package.
  • Revisions – this specification represents the number of revisions included in the logo design packages. Revisions will be made to the initial logo templates provided, and they do not include the creation of new concepts. A revision refers to a series of changes you want to make to the logo, submitted at once. Therefore, the number of revisions represents a series of revisions to the initial logo templates.
  • Final Logo Files – all packages include both web files (raster) and vector files. In short, web files are used for online environments, while vector files are used for physical exposure. To learn more about the differences between these two file types, you can find additional information on our logo vectorization page.
  • Black and White Logo Files – one of the key characteristics of a good logo is its ability to be displayed in black and white without altering its shape. This is a crucial factor for us when developing a logo, and the black and white files represent the logo in its black and white version.
  • Short Logo Guide – here it gets a bit more interesting! This short logo guide is a one-page file that provides information about the composition of the logo, specifically the colors used (in RGB, CMYK, HEX, and Pantone – PMS codes) and the font names used. It is highly helpful in maintaining brand consistency by using the colors and fonts in future design elements. This information can also be useful for website development, using the HEX codes from the file as base colors in its design.
  • Visual Identity Manual (or Logo Style Guide) – this logo guide is a much more detailed version than the short logo guide. It is a 6-7-page manual that explains the logo, usage guidelines, spacing, colors, color palette, fonts, print and web fonts, stationery design, and other surprise elements. Essentially, it is a comprehensive guide on how to use the logo and visual identity of your brand.
  • Social Media Package – this refers to the development of graphic elements to help customize your company’s social media pages in line with its visual identity. This can include design elements such as a social media optimized logo for use as a profile picture, a social media optimized cover image for all devices, post templates, and other social media design elements that a business may need.
  • Business Card and Letterhead Design – created in accordance with the newly developed style and visual identity. These include only the design with final files prepared for printing, but not printed versions.
  • Product/Packaging Design – if along with your business, you are launching one or more products or need a rebranding that includes existing products, this service can develop the product and/or packaging design to align with your brand’s visual identity.
  • Custom Font Creation – this service refers to the creation of a unique font or a font family specifically for your business. Custom font creation is particularly suited for businesses with well-defined plans and a clear vision of their values, mission, and goals. They desire a font or font family that represents them and helps express their identity. The final fonts are then used in all brand design materials.
  • Presentation Website or Online Store – if you don’t already have a presentation website or an online store for your business, you certainly need one of them. Having a website has become a necessity for all businesses today, facilitating their online presence and connection with potential customers or partners. If you want to build a new website or revamp an existing one for your business, we can assist you with this aspect.

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These are our logo design and visual identity packages, and as you can see, they cover a multitude of business needs. From creating a logo to stationery design, social media design, website creation, visual identity manual, and more. All of these elements will help you expose your business’s visual identity in a professional manner. Repetition and consistency are among the key factors that can help your company be easily remembered and recognized by your audience. And the elements we offer have exactly this purpose.

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Building a visual identity for your company that resonates with your target audience.

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